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Covid Sequencing

Procomcure Biotech‘s PT-CoVSeq pipeline was designed for targeted NGS library preparation starting from SARS-CoV-2 RNA. The assay enables medium to high throughput sequencing of complete viral genomes and allows mutational analysis and variant detection. It combines the open source ARTIC v3 primer set with the company’s proprietary enzymes and fine-tuned buffers for the strand syntheses and indexing PCR steps.

Our SARS-CoV-2 sequencing pipeline is suitable for samples that had already been diagnosed as positives. Virus genomes can be effectively sequenced, with at least 95% genome coverage at 10x. Sequencing data can be further analysed and classified with tools such as Pangolin or Scorpio. Due to the long read amplicon tiling, present and emerging virus variants can be safely classified with the pipeline.

PT-CovSeq is sensitive – the results indicate that high quality samples with a low virus titer (with Ct values up to 30) can also be sequenced.

PT-CoVSeq can be offered as a service. Starting materials include patient RNA samples, gargle tests or swabs.

Alternatively, the PT-CoVSeq kit is offered as standalone reagents, it generates library sizes of ~560 bp and is compatible with PE300 or PE250 sequencing on Illumina MiSeq and NovaSeq NGS platforms.

PT-CoVSeq Service

  • Starting materials include patient RNA samples, gargle tests or swabs.


PT-CoVSeq Reagents

  • 48, 96, 384 rxn and bulk formats are also available.

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